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November 05 2012

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October 16 2012

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September 13 2012

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September 08 2012

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If you’re dating a writer and they don’t write about you, whether it’s good or bad, then they don’t love you. They just don’t. Writers fall in love with the people we find inspiring
— Jamie Anne Royce
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so me
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September 06 2012

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I know it's counterintuitive and unwise but still. there's never been a guy who treated me better, and we don't even know each other for more than a week. 
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June 21 2012

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June 08 2012

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This is gonna be a birthday gift for one of my best friends.

Saw him yesterday and we decided to go on a trip to Berlin together. Actually we decided that a month ago in a pretty drunk moment but yesterday we set time and date. But that's not the important part.

After JustL blew all our chances by being incredibly stupid (he still treats me like I'm special though and even though I shouldn't, I'm enjoying it big time), I decided that having a crush on VoldeMort for a year without doing anything about it had to end. Well, my buddy kind of forced this decision on me but that's okay. He did it for me. So when we were at this gig and I knew Voldemort had to leave early, I got kind of nervous. Would I get alone time with him? So, without my knowledge PHobbit went to Voldemort and told him I needed to talk to him about something. So Voldemort went looking for me and asked me what it was I wanted to tell him. I was a little confused but managed to talk to him for a few minutes, a while, I don't exactly know how long it was. But we had an audience: PHobbit. Well, I didn't realise it at that point but was told so later on. Well, but just when I got to the point where I'd tell him I liked him, someone else rushed in and started talking to me. Voldemort was a little confused and then went off. 

So I waited. Asking around if anyone had seen him anytime I was free to talk to him. It just didn't happen. We didn't get any other chance to talk to each other. And then he left. I looked at one of his buddies, let's call him J the Voice. "Hey, sorry, I'll just go and say goodbye." J the Voice grinned sheepishly. "Do it." he told me. I didn't even realise he probably knew what I was up to until later that evening. So I ran. Aaaand turned around just as fast realising he didn't go but went to the men's room. Yeah, I came back and J the Voice looked at me. "Done already?" I turned red. "I didn't really intend to say my good bye while he was pissing, you know." J the Voice burst into laughter. And then Voldemort really left. I went after him this time, brushing his shoulder. He turned round and stood a little way from me. I asked him if he was leaving. Yes, he was. But it was nice to see me again. We'd see each other around, as always. I nodded. "It's always nice to see you." "Yeah, you too." (I actually didn't really let him speak the words but went on: "Cause you know, I like you for some reason. For some reason I really like you." I smiled at him, turned around and went back into the bar leaving him a little confused and with a cute "Thank you" outside. 

Of course PHobbit was all over me once I came back in. "AND???"

"I told him."

He grinned. "Let me guess, he froze." 

I nodded. "Deep-froze."

"You'll never really know what someone else thinks of you. Especially when that someone is Voldemort. But I think you gave him another reason to be happy today and it's always best to say what you're thinking right away. Proud of you."

Well, we went on partying with PHobbit and his friends but that's a story filled with situational comedy, physical comedy and other stuff you either can't explain or couldn't ever disclose to the public. :)

May 30 2012

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"Dead lovers have left a trail of broken hearts and misspent hopes..."

May 27 2012

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"And then life showed the little princess that she could not have anything she wants..."

Actually life showed me a close to perfect guy, just to show me I can't have him, the moment I get to know and really like him. 

He's one of the guys teaching my Muay Thai -class. Good-looking, knows how to move (which is so sexy, few things are less attractive than a guy stumbling over his own feet), likes thai boxing and yesterday at a party we got to talk for about a half hour just the two of us. We're not the same, we're a great kind of different; the kind of different that goes together just fine. We instantly made a connection and at some point we just ended up staring into each others eyes for about a minute and then we both had to laugh so hard. 

Then he sighed and told me he won't be around for much longer, he's moving to another city in July. And that's just the one thing, the other is that he has a girlfriend. Now, he never mentioned her to me but one of the other girls in my class had asked him before and he said there was someone. 

On the other hand, or rather on the upside: Life showed me that there are still great guys out there and maybe, someday, it will show me another great guy just to tell me he's mine to keep. 

"...but after feeling a little down for some days the princess kept on hoping."

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April 19 2012

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How stupid can one person be? Well, as Einstein said: "Two things are infinite; the universe and the stupidity of men. Though I'm not sure about the universe."

Sorry, but if you're just gonna sit there, give stupid replies, push and punch me because that's the only form of physical contact with me you're able to have, and make me do all the work, we're done thank you very much. When I tell you that I like you, I don't wanna hear that there's a blister on your toe. When I smile at you, I don't encourage you to almost shove me under a train, punch me on the shoulder, pull my hair, give me a clout to the head or jab me with a mop (and btw, which grown up actually does these things?). And telling me that I'm beautiful, trying to get my attention by all means and talking (down) to me (as opposed to talking with me) just isn't enough in the long run. I'm already compromising by overlooking all of your bad habits and seeing the good in you but don't make me go all the way on my own, cause I'm about to turn around right now. 

April 15 2012

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April 14 2012

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maybe he'd understand this? probably not...
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April 09 2012


Those people in the below pic were meant to represent me and JustL. now that I look at this picture again I realise that the guy looks more like VoldeMort.

Still looking for a savior... a little tired, a little sad but all in all pretty lucky. Some random woman told me I was beautiful a few days ago. I should just get myself together and move on. After all, I'm apparently beautiful and I'm smart. Not a bad combination. And now off to conquer Alex Pettyfer :)

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